Glasgow Terror Attack

Apologies for the delay in posting for a while, I’m in Glasgow at the moment, and had planned to write more blogs on this side of the border, but unfortunately I chose to arrive on the day that two men decided to crash a car into Glasgow Airport.

I arrived less than 30 minutes after the attack had happened, and was surprised by the sheer amount of police presence at Glasgow Central Station. I had no idea at the time what had happened.

The police presence all over the city was immense, and there was also a controlled explosion of a ‘device’ in a car park not far from where I was staying. The following day, two unlinked men, crashed a car into a takeaway, and returned later to set the flat above it on fire. Nobody was hurt in the attack.

I must give full credit to Strathclyde Police, who handled the situation well, and kept Glasgow under control.


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